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Note From Tough Soaps: Connor is a road worker who works with tar and bitumen.

This is a film of Connor washing bitumen off his hands using Tough Soaps.

Wyane B

The soap is a great product that lasts longer than other brands and works well, i would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody.

Collin H

Great soap and was fast delivery

Aliza W

Wonderful experience. Delivery arrived quickly and the product is great. We love supporting local businesses and hope to see these guys thrive

Greg M

I purchased the medium and rough grip soaps. I have been waiting for a replacement for Solvol for a couple of years since they stopped making it. Prefer a hard bar to the gritted soft soap. This is a good replacement. I used the rough a few times. Works a treat but too rough for the hands. Great for heavy calluses like heals of the feet. The medium grit is better for the hands if you are heavily callused. Use the fine if not heavily callused. Oh. And be careful you don't leave the bar wet for too long. It will soak up water and delaminate a bit on the top layer as it dries. Easy fix. Don't leave it laying in water! Overall, I'm pretty happy with these soaps. I bought a box of heavy and medium to last me a while. The Tough Hands People threw in a couple of extras which I thought was pretty good. I'll buy more when these dozen (plus 3 freebies) run out.

John H

Excellent 👍

Stephen E

Very happy with my purchase, product worked as specified. The coarse version is great for smoothing rough skin on the heals.

Craig H

great product, does the job and glad to help small businesses in this economic climate we all need to do our bit

Delia T

Not only were the soaps that I ordered effective and high quality, but I also received bonus soaps which I have passed on to family and friends to spread the word.

Bruce D

I highly recommend these soaps they are incredible replacement for the old style we used to be able to buy. they work well and are not to harsh on the skin. Bruce Nhill Vic


This is great soap with a pleasant aroma fhat still removes well rubbed in soil from very dirty hands. I am very happy with the product.

Carolyn L

Just purchased our second order of soap. this time it was to give as Christmas presents. We said to our son in law 'this is the best present you will get this Christmas'. Excellent product!

Fran P

Great soap!

Pancho R

Thank you so much for the extra soaps to try and give out. We will definitely do that and we are really impressed with the soaps

Craig S

The soap works great, I have put a cake of the coarse soap out for the other blokes to use here & they are all impressed with how well it works.

Carol S

We purchased your 3 pack of tough soaps at the Gatton Heavy Horse show this year. Great soaps, love them. Max got grease from the caravan tow hitch all over the front of a pair of cotton drill shorts. I didn't think that I would be able to get the grease stain out then I thought about your soap. I put water in a basin and used the grey soap and rubbed at the grease marks which were quite significant. The stains all came out and the shorts washed up well.

Jenny Q

Many thanks for my box of soaps which arrived yesterday. What a pleasant surprise to receive 2 extra ones. Will certainly pass them on & tell everyone about how good they are.

Hayley C

Absolutely fantastic product. It's tough enough to do what it's supposed to, but smells divine!

Peter H

Hi there was so happy to be able to purchase this product, I had a bar of this soap given to me 12 months ago and couldn’t believe how good it was at cleaning my hands, and when I received my recent order I passed on 2 bars of soap to a couple of mates to try, it is an excellent product.

Phillip C

Lip balm works great and the soaps remind me of the old solvol but better - love the products

Chris W

The order came to us quickly. We are delighted with the product. It smells pleasant, and all three grades of soap are highly effective. They lather well, and they leave a lovely moisturised feel. We will definitely make another order when the time comes. I shall mention to other people our discovery of this product. 5 stars.

John A

More than happy. Heaps of lather! Thanks

Stephen W

Fantastic Service and Fantastic Products

Terry A

So far so good. Happy with the product and the service.

Wayne B

thank you for producing a great product, I find the soap long wearing and works very well, even better than the solvol.

Simon M

The popular sand soap block I used disappeared and replaced by expensive liquid form which was messy and nowhere as effective. I was so glad to be able to get "Tough Sand Soap" It works great.

Brett J

Well I was sceptical that it wouldn’t be as good as the early version of solvol but how wrong was I 😲. It was better by far and seems to be lasting very well as an added bonus. I got a cake of coarse just to be sure but the fine is sensational, I past the trial cake onto my dad and I’m sure he will give honest feedback in due course 😅. Great product, backed by great service.

Adrian V

The. Best. Hand. Soap. My 2nd purchase in a few months and I have some mates hooked on it as well. It cleans really well yet doesn't leave my hands feeling like paint thinners or prepwash. Thank you!

Carolyn L

Dear soap makers,
I ordered these soaps in desperation after, like you, they stopped making the product we have been using for decades. When the package arrived (quicker than I thought it would), I used the first bar and thought it was pretty soft and I was wondering if I would be disappointed. However, after using the soap a few times we are finding it is unbelievably better than what we used to use. My husband is also extremely happy with the soap as well. We have passed a couple of bars onto friends and are waiting for their verdict but we are sure you will get more orders from this. Thank you so much. Just wanted to let you know how impressed and happy we are with your product. We will definitely be ordering more.

Pauline O

I purchased the sand soaps from a stall at the Beef Week market in Casino. I have irritated skin on my hands as I am a cleaner and these soaps are simply amazing. I love them. My hands love them. 

Vanessa M

I picked up a bar of the coarse for one of the Diesel Mechanics to try and the person they gave it to really liked it.

Bella A

My mum and I met you at the QLD Garden Expo and bought the plain soap bar (without sand) and love it

Allan T

Very happy with your product, and was happy with the quick delivery.

Michael M

Good friendly company and the soaps are good too - they were delivered on time and i am using them daily I have given some to family and friends and i have recommended them. Michael Central Coast NSW

Lauren S

Super stoked! Bought these for my dad's birthday. He misses the old bar sand soaps that he used for 40+ years. He tried these and said they're are actually better! Great job with this product, really happy! We went with the fine grit, and its perfect.

Gillian K

Great, quality product, Thank you for the speedy delivery and extras. Mechanics love the medium grade, gardeners love the fine grade. We will wait to see how long the bars last before reordering - cost is a small issue...

Peter V

first time purchaser, It is great to have a product that is made from local ingredients, and using simple methods. It works well for hand cleaning after hard work in the shed or paddocks. Takes off the grease and grime easily and for me it feels nice to touch some of that Northern NSW river sand rather than some artificial granule they put in modern hand cleaners! well done Tough Soaps for reconnecting with simple natural ingredients!

Richard G

Easy to order...postage slow but that happens...thanks for extra bar of medium but could not pick which one it was, probably due to a senior moment !.. the giveaways are a great idea, I had previously used a coarse and it was effective and lasted well Cheers

John L

Hi I ordered 3 Coarse bars to try . You guys also sent some fine thankyou. I find the rough stuff VERY coarse ok instead of using Pumice on ingrained dirt. The finer cakes are excellent and a great replacement for Solvol that I had used for years. John Lynch

Julie C

Great product, value for money, communication and fast postage.

Trevor Z

The product is good, just what I needed. Will be purchasing more as gifts for friends and family. Looks like it will last a long time.

Leon G

The process was quick and easy and the owner very helpful. I really couldn't offer any help on making anything better.

Bob F

A very good product and even better service. Throughly recommended

Jacqueline W

Just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with your product. I have only used the fine grit version for laundry and found it very effective. The formula is excellent and doesn't leave the skin feeling dry. Congratulations on your research and development.

Ellie W

Just wanted to say, I bought the coarse grit from your team at Henty this week. And my husband is forever winging about not enough gritty itty bitty soaps.

An you’ve gone an done it 😂😂😂 nailed it. Even told me it was prob a bit harsh 😂😂😂 I started with the coarse. So I’ll come back to the medium I am very impressed. Thank you great product an even smell fab. An thanks for the fridge magnet. It’s just perfect for remembering where to order. Top product. Thank you so much

Connor E

Thank you so much, the soap really is great!

Ariel H

Good news! You’re already got a happy customer – truck driving husband loves the soap because it gets out all his dirt and grime!

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