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Our Story...

Tough Soaps is a privately owned Australian small business.
Predominantly an online mail order business, sending soap Australia wide.

Aussies have had sand soap in bar form for donkey's years...
Until they stopped makin
g the iconic sandy bar that everyone loved. 
The cupboards weren't bare.... in the bars place a pump bottle stood there.

It smells like soap.
It sort of looks like soap.
Probably tastes like soap. 
But it wasn't soap.

The Truckies put it in their cabs, the Mechanics put it at their sinks, the Families put it at their basins.
The plastic bits broke. 
It leaked and dribbled!  There was mess everywhere!
The apprentice used it all within the hour!
The family's toddler had a ball pumping it down the sink! 

The people agreed: bottled goop was no replacement to the bar.

There was outrage. 
But not all hope was lost...

From humble beginnings, a family who gets their hands dirty, decided enough was enough!
No longer would they watch their fellow Aussies suffer.

Made as natural as can be, Tough Soaps supports local Aussie businesses.
Why change what works?
Going back to basics, Tough Soaps uses beef tallow, and coconut oil to moisturize, leaving your hands soft and clean!  

A no fuss hand cleaner in a bar, because hands get dirty. 
If you miss bar sand soap, try our Tough Soaps

Wholesales enquiries welcome. Available as individually wrapped soaps for resale or unwrapped bulk form.
Contact the sales team for more information.


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