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Grab a six pack - any combination you want.

Fine Grit is great for light dirt like garden grime.

Medium Grit is good for people who get their hands dirty in the workshop, has a bit more oomph than the fine grit.

Coarse Grit is like a scrubbing brush and soap combined. Ideal for really tough grease, paint, silicone, sawmill sap type hard to remove stuff.

Our soaps leave your hands feeling clean and soft. They’re also great for cracked heels and roughened elbows.

If you can’t find the exact combination, feel free to contact us.

Made with orange oil and eucalyptus oil - both known for their fantastic cleaning power and fragrance.

Natural as can be and made in South East Queensland, Australia.

Grab a 6 Pack - 6 Soaps - Any Combination Of Fine, Medium & Coarse

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